Drivers Seat

KAB 211 Driver Seat

The KAB 211 is KAB Seating's mid-range mechanical forklift seat, specifically designed for class IT1 industrial trucks (e.g. platform trucks, reach trucks, straddle trucks , etc)

Features Include:

  • Mechanical Suspension
  • 5 step driver weight adjustment from 50kg to 120kg
  • 195mm fore and aft adjustment in 15mm increments
  • 3 position backrest recline adjustment
  • 3 position seat cushion adjustement


  • Hip guard or armrests
  • Lap belt
  • Turn-table (for swivel function)
  • Seat cut out switch
  • Protective covers

Available in black vinyl PVC upholstery

For more information on the KAB211 Driver Seat, please feel free to contact us.

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