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Hella DynaView Cornering Lamp

A New Lighting Era
Hella DynaView Evo 2 combines the cornering light and fog light safety functions in compact round auxiliary lights which can be universally installed in many different vehicles.

When the low beam is switched on, the right or left cornering light is activated automatically and immediately when the indicator is actuated, or when the vehicle drives around a bend at less than 40 km/h.

A yaw rate sensor measures the vehicle's angular acceleration and triggers the turn-on signal when the car drives through a curve.

At the end of the curve, a dimmer softly fades the extra light. i.e. no abrupt cutting off of the cornering light.

When in reverse gear, both cornerning lights are switched on to ensure broad and bright illumination of the area along the vehicle's left and right side.

Diagram on the left shows the different light distribution when the Hella DynaView cornerning lamp is in operation.

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